How It Works

Step 1: Call for a quote

Call 01372 746204 or complete the Quote Form below. We will get straight back to you with a no-obligation quote for your end of contract phones. Our quotation will show you our competitive market prices as well as how much your local Community Appeal charity will receive, you also have the flexibility to donate some or all of your payment to them.

Step 2: We collect and inspect

If you would like to go ahead, carefully pack your used mobile phones in cardboard boxes and we will arrange a free, secure collection at your convenience. Once we receive your phones we will carefully asses each one for functionality and then perform a full factory reset and wipe the device of all data. The industry standard FutureDial Data Wiping service is also available on request should you require an audited data removal service. Any devices found to be not working can be returned to you or safely recycled at no cost.

Step 3: Payment

Once your devices have been processed we will send you a statement, showing the final total for all working devices and the total that we will be donating to your Community Appeal charity. You can then invoice us and we will send you a cheque and a smart certificate you can be proud of.


"Our partnership with Community Appeal provides us with the opportunity to not only save the planet but raise much needed funds for our Hospice. Zoe's Place Baby hospice is such a special place and makes such a huge difference to the lives of our children and their families. It costs our charity in excess of £3,500 per day just to maintain our current level of care and we can only achieve this through ongoing initiatives such as the recycling scheme promoted by Community Appeal.”

"Recycling used cartridges and mobile phones is a simple and effective way to complement your fundraising strategy. Furthermore, if you work with Community Appeal, they do all the administration and collections, so all you need to do is tell your supporters about the scheme!"

"Against Breast Cancer has been pleased to be a supported charity of Community Appeal. By encouraging our supporters to collect printer cartridges and old mobile phones we have been able to raise £63,000 since 2005.
The charity is dedicated to funding ground breaking research to improve detection and increase survival after breast cancer diagnosis. The funds raised through Community Appeal’s recycling schemes allow us to continue making real progress in this important research.
Thank you Community Appeal! "

Zoe’s Place, Baby Hospice

Birmingham St. Mary’s

Against Breast Cancer

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