Recycling Printer Cartridges FAQ Page

What type of company do you collect from?

Different companies use different types of cartridges, making it important for collectors to visit as wide a range of businesses as possible to obtain a good variety of cartridges.

This could mean anything from calling on a small solicitors' office and collecting half a dozen inkjet cartridges a month, to large multinational companies and collecting a pallet every month.

How much will Community Appeal charities receive?

The amount donated for each cartridge varies, depending on the type of cartridge; it can be anything up to £2.00 per item.

Will it cost me anything to participate?

No, the programme is completely free of charge to companies wishing to recycle their empty printer cartridges. The supply of collection boxes and freepost envelopes is free as are collections.

Will approval be required from the Environment Agency?

Community Appeal is registered as a waste carrier with the Environment Agency and, as such, our collectors fully comply with the legal requirements of the Environmental Protection Act 1990.

We can supply a Waste Transfer Note, valid for 12 months and a copy of our Waste Carriers licence.

Which cartridges do you accept?

We recycle all brands and models of printer cartridge, the only exceptions are items from a photocopier, toner bottles and Epson inkjet cartridges. These items are purely plastic tanks in which to hold ink or toner and have no recyclable parts.

Can you use freepost envelopes to recycle Toner Cartridges?

Due to the size and weight of toner cartridges the cost of the postage outweighs any benefit to the charity. You can save toner cartridges to give to your Community Appeal collector.

Do you have a larger envelope to return Inkjet Cartridges?

No, if you have a lot of inkjets please save these items and give to your Community Appeal collector – it is much more cost effective.

Do you recycle any other items?

Our recycling service covers inkjet cartridges, toner cartridges and fuser units. As we dedicate ourselves to only recycling these items we are able to make a greater donation to your Community Appeal charity.

Do you recycle mobile phones?

We operate a dedicated Mobile Phone Buy-Back Programme where you can earn cash back from your old mobile phones AND help to raise valuable extra funds for your local Community Appeal charity.


"Our partnership with Community Appeal provides us with the opportunity to not only save the planet but raise much needed funds for our Hospice. Zoe's Place Baby hospice is such a special place and makes such a huge difference to the lives of our children and their families. It costs our charity in excess of £3,500 per day just to maintain our current level of care and we can only achieve this through ongoing initiatives such as the recycling scheme promoted by Community Appeal.”

"Recycling used cartridges and mobile phones is a simple and effective way to complement your fundraising strategy. Furthermore, if you work with Community Appeal, they do all the administration and collections, so all you need to do is tell your supporters about the scheme!"

"Against Breast Cancer has been pleased to be a supported charity of Community Appeal. By encouraging our supporters to collect printer cartridges and old mobile phones we have been able to raise £63,000 since 2005.
The charity is dedicated to funding ground breaking research to improve detection and increase survival after breast cancer diagnosis. The funds raised through Community Appeal’s recycling schemes allow us to continue making real progress in this important research.
Thank you Community Appeal! "

Zoe’s Place, Baby Hospice

Birmingham St. Mary’s

Against Breast Cancer

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